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Freecycle – LOVE IT!

January 7, 2011

I’ve been a “freecycler” for a few years now and I absolutely love it.  If you’re not familiar with freecycle, it’s a website where you can become a member (in your area freecycle group) and posted “wanted” or “offer” listings that contain items you either need or want to get rid of.  It’s a wonderful way to reuse items that you may no longer want or need as well as help others out at the same time.  Did I mention it’s only for FREE items?  The whole premise is that any and all items must be GIVEN AWAY, not sold.  It’s a truly wonderful idea and I absolutely love it.

You can sign up at by locating a group in your area.  Where I live, there are three different groups and I’ve joined all three.  In preparing for our new little arrival, I’ve been able to get the following items on freecycle:

  • stroller
  • bouncer
  • Bumbo seat
  • crib sheets
  • crib mattress
  • clothes
  • nursing bras
  • nursing shirts
  • lots and lots of bottles
  • boppy pillow with cover
  • nursing cover (like a blanket)
  • blanket
  • diapers

I have since washed and sterilized everything and now we’re just waiting on little Emma’s arrival.

These are just a few of the items and that’s not including the items that I’ve given away (like maternity clothes I’m not wearing), men’s clothes, children’s clothes, toys, books, etc.

If you haven’t heard of freecycle or taken the time to sign up, you should.  With today’s economic hardships facing so many American families, why not help each other out?  It sure beats throwing it away when someone else can use it (whatever “it” may be).

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