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December 11, 2010

I can’t believe April was the last time I posted.  That’s just awful.  But, much has happened since then.  I’m 27 weeks pregnant and our little girl is due in mid-March.  That was a HUGE surprise for us.  I think it took my husband 2 months to get through the shock of it.

Honey Label

My son has started has beekeeping adventure and what was once one hive has now grown into a total of 5 hives.  I just finished his honey label last night.  We’re hoping to have a bumper crop next summer so stay tuned for prices, etc.

Our new addition has been completed (although there’s still some detail work that needs to be finished), but the new addition has now become our living room.

I’ve been busy canning and baking, as usual.  I took a break this summer due to morning sickness.  I would get nauseated just walking into the garden so it made gardening and canning almost non-existent to me.  I hope to continue our garden in the spring again. 

That’s just a quick update for now!  All I really know is that God is good and He provides all that is necessary to survive – and then some!

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