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Product Review: DNG Ben Franklin

April 14, 2010

It’s hard to think of Benjamin Franklin without certain images popping into my head:  electricity flowing down a kite string, bifocals, a printing press and the American Revolution (to name a few).  But, thanks to this month’s new DNG series, Benjamin Franklin, we’ve learned so much more!  It’s incredible the talents, ambitions and successes (and failures) of Mr. Franklin.  And, the wonderful lapbook, weekly activities and reading material made this DNG Series very enjoyable and memorable.  While the activities are too simplistic for my 5th grade son, they were perfect for my 2nd grade daughter.  However, this was a nice “educational” break for my children (considering we’re all experiencing a little spring fever right now).  If your family is studying the American Revolution, this would be a great supplement to the curriculum you’re currently using.  That’s another wonderful benefit of the DNG Series – there are so adaptable to what you may already be doing!

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