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Garden Update

April 6, 2010

Our garden is coming along quite nicely.  The sweet peas are vining up the tomato cages and have lots of beautiful white blooms.  I even saw an itty bitty pea pod (so cute!).  The lettuce is to the point that I can start pulling leaves for small salads.  We planted a second “square” of lettuce and it’s starting to come up now … although I can see that my children planted WAAAAYYY too many in one little spot.  Oh well…lots of thinning to come.

We prepared several squares today and planted three zucchini plants, three squares of green beans (about 135 seeds) and one square of okra (about 18 seeds).  If it doesn’t rain tomorrow I’m hoping that Johnny and the kids can prepare more squares tomorrow.  I’d like about 3-4 more squares to plant the tomatoes.  If we have 4 squares total and 12 little squares per larger square, that’ll be 48 tomato plants (which I need to get this weekend as well). 

The potatoes are doing great also.  We planted both Yukon gold and red potatoes and both sets are growing really good.  We need to put another layer of dirt over the potatoes – hopefully we can do that this weekend as well.

I still need to buy several bags of potting soil for the cucumbers (our soil makes cucumbers taste very bitter).  Hopefully we’ll be able to get those plants in bigger pots this weekend and put them outside by the garden fence.

Other than that Johnny is going to rent a tiller for the larger garden so we can plant the corn and black-eyed peas.  I’m hoping that we’ll get lots of rain this year for a bumper crop of corn on the cob!!!

Oh yeah!  We’re buying pepper plants this weekend as well and those will go up here in the garden we’ve been using for the past three years. 

It looks like the heirloom seeds I planted aren’t growing fast enough.  I may have to transplant them into bigger pots and transplant them for the fall garden. 

I’ll try to post pictures later this week.  The sun was going down too quickly tonight for me to snap a few photos.

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