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Our New Addition!!!

April 3, 2010

Our home is relatively small (less than 800 square feet) and my sweet hubby finally has time to expand our home!!!  It’s been a work in progress for the past several months but it’s slowlybeing completed.  Life has taken many dips and turns since we started but now we’re moving along quite nicely. 

 Our goal was to add on as inexpensively as possible.  So, a lot of what we’re using has been salvaged.  The framing material was salvaged from a new neighborhood that went up about 2 years ago.  We received permission from the builders to take their scraps (anything with nails in it).  We then removed all the nails and straightened them to be re-used later.  The boards then went under our home and we’ve been using them as needed.  The door and window were given to us through a wonderful family we met through  And, the siding was salvaged from my boss’ home.  Johnny has been ripping the 2x4s over the past few days and now we’re finally starting to put it up.  We debated on whether or not take the 2x4s to a sawmill to be ripped, but we don’t have the money and Johnny’s pretty handy with his skilsaw. 

So far, we’ve only spent money on the tar paper, tin for the roof, screws and plywood (subfloor).  Everything else has been salvaged!  Eventually we’re going to paint the entire house so it’ll look much better then, but it’s looking really good now!

Anyway, here’s how our new addition is shaping up:

The New Addition


The Siding & "New" Window

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