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Reminder – God’s in Control

March 12, 2010

What do you get when you take a stressful week and give God all control? 

Complete joy!

Here’s the rundown we’ve been through over the past week:

  1. Major marketing presentation for work – more than 20 hours of prep, lots of conference calls and team collaboration
  2. Transmission problems on our ancient Tahoe
  3. Emergency brake problems on our worn-out Chevy truck
  4. IRS woes
  5. Low reserves in the emergency fund
  6. Son with an ingrown toenail – needs to see the doctor ($$)
  7. Potential pregnancy (yeah!)
  8. And as of today, my daughter is sick with allergies or a cold

But, here’s what happens when you give all the control to God:

  1. Presentation was a huge success (praise the Lord!)
  2. Tahoe has been “behaving” and the transmission problems appears to be gone (praise the Lord!)
  3. Sweet hubby is using a chunk of wood behind the tires to prevent rolling until we can save the money to have the emergency brake fixed (all in the budget)
  4. What could have been an issue with fines/penalties ended up being nothing of the sort and our IRS refund will be here in a matter of weeks (praise the Lord!)
  5. The reserve will be replenished in a matter of weeks (praise the Lord!)
  6. My son’s toe is healing beautifully and the doc said that he hasn’t seen a toenail look that good and that we did a great job in taking care of the ingrown toenail.  (praise the Lord!)
  7. I’m not pregnant (which is sad) but I said from the beginning that I’ll praise God if I’m pregnant or not pregnant as it is His will whatever happens.  I left it up to God and He answered.  I’m okay with it (very sad this morning) but definitely in a much better mood this evening as I know that God has a different plan for us!  (praise the Lord!)
  8. My daughter’s still sick but her sore throat is gone and her sniffles/cough should be gone in a few days.  (praise the Lord!)

All I can say is that any of these situations in and of themselves is no big deal but when it all occurs in a week – that’s a bit much.  However, my hubby and I did a lot of praying and God saw us through each and every situation (with far better outcomes than we imagined).  We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome on some of these situations (like the IRS or the Tahoe or my son’s toenail).   By the way, did you know that there are some good people at the IRS?  I spoke to a wonderful, helpful (yes, helpful) woman today that really answered my questions and did some research for me as to what was causing our problem.  I prayed the entire time I was on hold that 1) I’d get a really helpful person and 2) that the problem would be small and 3) we’d still get our refund.  And you know what?!!  All of it came true!!! 

All the glory goes to God and I’m so thankful that He’s in control.

So, just when you think you can’t take anymore and the devil’s attacking you from all sides, fall on your knees and lift it all up to God.  He’s definitely the one in control and will fight your battles for you, if you’d just let Him.

So, all I can say is …

Praise the Lord!

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