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Awesome Hand Lotion Recipe

February 2, 2010

I know…I know…I know.  Why make lotion when you an buy it?  Well, why not make a BETTER lotion if you can.  This recipe isn’t hard at all and costs very little to make. 

I have a problem with very dry, dry hands.  I wash a lot of dishes, do lots of laundry and am always washing fruit or veggies or my hands.  It seems they’re always in water.  So, I have dry hands and in the winter they crack and bleed.  It’s awful and ugly.  My grandmother used to call me Wash Bear because I was always washing my hands. 

Anyway, I came across Sheri Graham’s blog, Nourishing Cook.  In addition to the great recipes, there is a section on body products, including the Dollar Store Lotion.  I made some tonight and truth be told, my hands haven’t felt this soft in years (and that’s after one application).  I can’t say enough and it’s super easy to make.  Try it out and let Sherri know.  I’m sure she’d love to hear from you!

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