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December 31, 2009

Singer Model 2263

My new sewing machine!  Hubby and kiddos were sweet enough to buy me a sewing machine for Christmas.  For the past 2 nights I’ve been putting it together, figuring out the bobbin, rewinding the bobbin, pulling the bobbin thread through the little metal plate, etc.  I think I spent two hours working on just the bobbin part last night and even called my sister to help me figure out why the machine was jamming. 

Wow … it was crazy last night.  But, tonight I was able to actually figure it out and get some sewing done.  I did simple straight stitches on my son’s quilt and almost finished 1/4 of a square.  Yeah!!!  And, it looks pretty good.  Okay, the straight stitch is more of a wobble stitch and it’s a little katty-wompus, but it still looks good for a first time effort.

And guess what I just found?!  An online instructional video.  Duh … now I feel real stupid.  I guess I’d better go watch it …

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