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Poison Ivy is Not Your Friend

November 28, 2009

Poison Ivy

This is poison ivy.  Let me repeat this:  It is NOT your friend! 

Last week we were feeding grass to the neighbor’s horses –  picking grass around the area we were standing .  At one point, I looked down and hollered, “I’m in poison ivy!”.  That was just the beginning.  I should have gone home and cleaned it off right then with Tecnu but I did not.  Alas, I am now suffering with poison ivy on my left forearm, left side of my neck, behind both knees and it seems like I’m itching everywhere else.  ***sigh*** 

Poison ivy doesn’t just “itch” but creates red welts and blisters.  Those blisters can break and cause “oozing”.  Let me tell you … it’s not a pretty sight.  Last summer I suffered through poison oak that lasted six weeks – in the middle of a hot Texas summer.  Note:  Heat makes poison ivy itch like crazy!!!

Here are a few links to help understand what poison ivy does and some things you can do to reduce its impact on you.

  • Fast Facts
  • More Pictures
  • Treatments (include home remedies) – by the way, rubbing vinegar on it works great also!  It also dries out the “oozing” like other products.  It stings like crazy but it helps with the itching!
  • General Info

Tecnu - Your Best Friend

And your best friend throughout poison ivy?  Tecnu.  This stuff is incredible.  When you rub it on the poison ivy (following the directions), it dries out the urushiol oils (which causes the rash) and helps your poison ivy get better faster.

Good luck and pray that you never find any (and if you do, that you stay away from it!).

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