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Come Homesteading with Me

November 7, 2009

Six years ago I had no idea what “homesteading” meant.  I grew up in the city and lived in the country for about 5 years after my husband and I were married (and before we moved to my in-laws property).  But, living in the country all those years ago didn’t really mean much to me other than I couldn’t see my neighbors.  I acted like a “city girl” in the country (if that makes sense).  

It wasn’t until about four years ago that we discovered this publication called Countryside.  It kept mentioning “homesteader” and I remember thinking, “What does that mean?”  After reading the whole magazine (which is now my favorite magazine), it dawned on me that homesteaders sounded awesome.  They were independent and self-reliant.  These people grew their own food, made their own laundry soap, processed their own meat (whether it was livestock they raised or deer they hunted) and did things on their own, without really relying on others to do it for them.  I thought, these people are awesome!!! 

The magazine is designed so that readers can submit suggestions for others to read.  Plus, they have staff writers that write specific articles, etc.  But, a lot of  the material is based on what other readers think is important, suggestions, hints, “how to’s”, etc.  It was truly awesome.

So, I started doing a lot more research, reading about more homesteading topics and generally doing what I was reading.  I’m now canning and preserving our foods.  I’m buying more local produce, stocking up, etc.  I’m honing my culinary skills and teaching my children along the way.  My 7-year old daughter can make her own bread and my son makes “to die for” brownies (all from scratch). 

Anyway, I’d love to share what I’ve learned (and also learn from others).  I have so much more that I need to learn!  Welcome to my blog!

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